Together with our partners, we can offer a wide spectrum of services in the areas consulting and outsourcing.

We can help you staff your development team or deliver large scale software development development projects. We provide full cycle software development services.


With on-site technical and business analysis, solution design and an offshore software development alternative, Jkwiks can deliver even large scale software development development projects in time and budget.

At Jkwik we offer a competitive edge and we strive to deliver outstanding value with every step we do. We can help you tackle problems, support you and give you advice in everything from strategic technical decisions to mentoring, from design to implementation and quality assurance.

Software Development Projects

  • New Product Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Re-engineering
  • Porting and Migration
  • Legacy Systems and Application Re-engineering

Resource consulting

  • Architectural review
  • Jump start with adoption of new technologies
  • Proof of concept
  • Performance tuning
  • Short-term or part-time development
  • Quality assurance


Outsourcing software development is a competitive advantage: costs reduction from specializing allows reduction of the software development costs, which allows more market flexibility.

Working with a nearshore/offshore provider for software development adds to the cost cuts from outsourcing to a specialist company, due to the difference in nearshore/offshore resources costs, mainly salary level but also tax reasons etc.

Nearshore/offshore software development means access to qualified personnel at competitive prices. Nearshore software development outsourcing could reduce cost with more than 50% while maintaining on time, quality results and service.

There are different models of nearshore / offshore outsorcing possible, from pure resource based models to outsourcing of complete projects where on-site business and technical analysis is made in cooperation with the customer and the actual development work is beeing done partly or in whole by nearshore/offshore resources.

Jkwik can help you, whatever model that could be of interest for your company.